Tuesday, March 15, 2011

web of hypocrisy

You know how there's that saying... "people will eat you alive if you let them", or "hold your head high gorgeous, they'd love to see you fall"? Yeah, it's totally true. I've got a fucking opinion and am allowed to voice it, and if that sparks heavy disagreements and me feeling attacked, then so be it. You're not better than me because all you want is to win. That's not the point. The point is to appreciate other's views and maybe learn a thing or two from them- not to oppress those who have the balls to share them in the first place.

It's important to remember that every thing/person/idea/object must start somewhere. And if that means rightfully sharing a piece of your mind and feeling a gang of angry women gang up on you for doing so, then that's on those hypocrite's conscious, not yours.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Man it feels good to be young

Just one of those good nights for music (meaning i found a cool blog). SPRING BREAK literally starts tomorrow. I feel like I've been counting down to this for a long time. It's only going uphill from here on out.

This song is lovely, it reminds me of an older song... nice organic sounds. Really into the acoustic stuff lately with a heavy emphasis on bands I used to hear when I was younger because my cool older sister played them.

p.s. http://birdlips.bandcamp.com/album/one-tongue
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Woods

Something about the morning. Maybe it's that I can have coffee, the warm comfort of the bitter and dark flavor. Music sounds so fresh on my ears after 8 hours of stagnance. Sometimes in the morning, I am really excited to be alive. If there's one thing that I will always have to give me some pleasure, it'll be the early hours of the day, potential and pent-up happiness just waiting to be poured out.

"The idea started from this feeling that I've had for most of my adult life, and influenced the last film I made, By Modern Measure, that I was here [at Sundance] with a couple years ago. It's this sense of wanting to take some action, in terms of all the crazy problems that we're facing in the world, but not knowing what to do. I look back to the '60s and I think about the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement. They were these really cohesive things that young people were focusing on, to try to make a positive impact. Now it seems like there's just so much going on, things are spread so thin, that I'm not exactly sure what to do. So it seemed like making a movie would be a way to express that feeling of still not really knowing exactly what to do."

-Matthew Lessner, director of "The Woods"

^^^ Well, he summed it up just perfectly.

Saw that film last night, the execution of this message was a little shaky. But overall, this dude is feeling the exact same way I am, and many other of this generation. He made a film, which is a powerful thing, but I think it could have been a little bit more productive in terms of actually getting young people inspired and passionate. But interesting and unique nonetheless.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Such a draft through the window

This album fit perfectly into today's hangover-free COLD, grey morning. If I ever have kids, this will be their lullaby.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sun, piano, and sweet potatoes

I'm graced with delicious food, art on the wall, piano in the background, and sun in the sky. Portland has been good to me lately. I have been good to myself lately.

I've been busy with other things which has caused me to take attention off of the huge plethora of new bands and music to be listened to. But of course I've still been watching out. This one caught my attention and rightfully so. It's great between the vocals and the simplicity. Simplicty has been known to hit the spot.

Devils Hearts Grow Gold by La Sera by goincase

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Whenever, and I mean whenever, I get wrapped up in other people and worrying about their opinions or thoughts, any freedom or creativity I have just dissapears. This is how it works. It's dangerous to my well being. I know the winter will continue to bring gray skies but I am setting out to become well-balanced and progressive. I'm going to read a lot. I want to read about people who inspire me or can give me a fresh perspective. I'm going to visualize my perfect future and get better at painting pictures in my mind. I'm going to plan the perfect summer, or make plans that will leave room for this potential. I'm going to see music and look at photographs. Also take my own. I'm going to leave campus as frequently as possible and refrain from smoking cigarettes unless I want them.

I'm going to become my happy, simple self once again, and shy away from the things that always set me off my rhythm.

Swimming and trying to find the surface. But It's just life, you know.

5 Kora by The Qiwu Selftet