Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Whenever, and I mean whenever, I get wrapped up in other people and worrying about their opinions or thoughts, any freedom or creativity I have just dissapears. This is how it works. It's dangerous to my well being. I know the winter will continue to bring gray skies but I am setting out to become well-balanced and progressive. I'm going to read a lot. I want to read about people who inspire me or can give me a fresh perspective. I'm going to visualize my perfect future and get better at painting pictures in my mind. I'm going to plan the perfect summer, or make plans that will leave room for this potential. I'm going to see music and look at photographs. Also take my own. I'm going to leave campus as frequently as possible and refrain from smoking cigarettes unless I want them.

I'm going to become my happy, simple self once again, and shy away from the things that always set me off my rhythm.

Swimming and trying to find the surface. But It's just life, you know.

5 Kora by The Qiwu Selftet