Monday, November 29, 2010

The Mountain

Between spending time in Bend this weekend, hearing Pavement's song mention "Shasta", and now finding and loving this song.... I am reminded of the part of me that yearns for the beauty of the mountains. Even being able to take a walk under a bluebird sky, the next morning after a storm or sitting by crystal alpine lakes at sunrise.... I am looking for a different form of complete peace here in Portland. Heartless Bastards - The Mountain by tadpolegames

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I call it, Novembeard

November playlist right thurrrr.

(Downloading zipeg might be necessary to unzip this)

Just a collection of songs I've been into in the recent months. Lately, all I want to listen to is rock. Indie rock, if you will. Went through a really long phase where all I listened to was electronic dance music, one day that changed, and here I am. From time to time I'll download electro or a remix (some of it is really impressive), but for the most part I'm looking for this type of stuff. There's not much that can replace the sound of wholesome instruments and vocals, at least that's how I feel about it now.

The snow is falling in the Pacific NW. I love seeing everybody's reaction, they're totally freakin' out. Snow is such a beautiful thing. In my opinion, it's prettier if it's burying plants and sidewalks and making everything seem still. Here, it's just moving through the sky and turning into moisture before it hits the ground. But whatever the type, it was awesome to see all the kids pour out of the buildings to celebrate it. Cheering like children in the frozen wind.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Breakneck Speed

Damn this song pumps me up. I heard this a few weeks ago, asked my friend the name of the band and I found it today while going through music. Was a really busy week but part of me really enjoys staying in constant flow, even if it is with school. Hello, weekend. Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed by The Drift Record Shop

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gold Soundz

Aaahh. This song is so perfect at this moment, who knows why, it just gives me a feeling. A feeling that is closest to being described by this song. And I know it's totally specific to this exact moment, these circumstances, my reality right here, right now. At this second, I know what I want, and that's not the case for most seconds. Although I might "want" something different tomorrow, the fact that I have something to focus on right now makes me feel in control of my life.

The funny thing about music is how different it affects people. It's more than just the notes, instruments, beats, or lyrics. In the end it's just about the emotion it evokes. And often, that emotion is completely unique to that one person who always gets that certain feeling when listening to that one song.

  Pavement - Gold Soundz by pluxy

What the Bleep

Click on that for some serious reevaluation of life as we know it.

Just by living in a way where I'm aware of the possibilities makes those possibilities even more real. Our world and our life is directly shaped by our conscious and our perception of reality. Watch this and you'll see the science behind it. Recommend taking the time for this one, puts things into a different light.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fucking Create Something Awesome

Smith Westerns - Weekend by forcefieldpr

 Don't look to others for reassurance. It's all from you. Do what feels right. Be yourself in all flying colors and expressions. Who gives A FUCK. The right people will always find you or you will come to them. Things do work out. In the meantime, fucking create something awesome.

I give myself advice when I'm feeling uncomfortable.